Economy July 15, 2016 | 4:32 pm

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Project wagers on sustainable fishing in the Southwestt

Pedernales, Dominican Republic.- Fishermen of Juancho bayand Pedernales (southwest) expressed happiness with the Fisheries andAquaculture Development Project for border provinces, carried out by the BorderDevelopment Agency and the Spanish company INDEMAR.

The two entities unveiled the new way to collect fish tothe various fishing associations, authorities and representatives of socialinstitutions and producers in Pedernales province.

Border Development director Miguel Bejaran said the objectiveis to transform the area’s fishing system is take pressure off the north andsouth coasts, to avoid the capture of breeding fish and avert overfishing in townssuch as Pedernales, where hundreds of households depend on for their livelihood.

"The indiscriminate exploitation of fishing waters hasdecreased the potential of this economic activity, the exchange of informationwith stakeholders has determined the need for a change of course to ensuretheir sustainability over time," the official said.

"This projectwill turn fishing from being a mere artisan craft to a semi-industrialactivity, which, once implemented, we will no longer be simple collectors of fish,but small entrepreneurs of the sea," Bejaran said in press release.

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