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All Immigration services to be web only starting Aug. 1

Santo Domingo.- . All of the Immigration Agency’s services offoreigners’ residency and certificates for Dominicans will be processeddigitally through its website starting August 1, director Ruben Paulino announcedTuesday.

He said Immigration’s new residency applications and otherservices allow the public to access its platform from anywhere in the world.

"This will allow users to process their documents andget fast, safe and efficient responses and provide continuous monitoring theprocess and for the agency to communicate that way with them to inform them ofcorrections and any other aspect," said Paulino in a press conference atImmigration.

The process lets the user apply for a residency permit orpermission for minors or others from their home or office, once requested, therequired documents are sent via the same route, and Immigration will provide acode or number with which it will monitor and then retrieve them on a computerto be installed in all airports, Malecon Center and Immigration headquarters.

Prior to the process the user must pay the fee in theReservas bank.

The official added that Immigration paid US$200,000 for theequipment which made the technological platform possible.

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