Economy July 19, 2016 | 9:04 am

Buy car in DR

Bill would give owners of new vehicles a 20% tax break

Santo Domingo.- The bill for the Mobility, Land Transport,Traffic and Road Safety Law of the Dominican Republic, now in the Chamber ofDeputies would cut the new vehicle registry tax by 20%.

Ruling PLD party deputy Tobias Crespo authored the bill, whosaid the legislation aims to promote newer vehicles in the country and protectthe environment.

He noted that for an individual to benefit from the measureit must be a vehicle for private use, zero miles, powered by alternate energysuch as natural gas, biodiesel, electric, hybrid, solar or other clean, or renewables.

The law would also raise funds to renew passenger and freightvehicles.

For Antonio Marte, head of the bus owners associationgrouped in Conatra the proposed legislation would rid the streets of “rolling”scrap, as he once called 80% of the cars, minibuses and public buses,

He suggested using the funds from the inspections stickerto take the “heaps” off the streets.

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