Economy July 21, 2016 | 11:58 am

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Govt. aims to ‘fry’ Electricity Pact’s prior agreement, Social Forum warns

Santo Domingo.- The social sectors involved in the talksleading to the Electricity Pact on Thursday said the government aims to"fry" the pending agreement, by circumventing points already agreedduring the dialogue.

Alternative Social Forum spokesman Fernando Peña warnedthat the government prepared a document to be submitted for approval, but wasn’tthe result of the discussions held with the various sectors.

Peña accuses presidency chief of staff Gustavo Montalvo of “pushingto approve the pact before August 16.”

He said the Economic and Social Council’s (CES) TechnicalCommittee had already announced that everything was ready for the pact and thatMontavo asked them to meet July 28 and 29 and on August 2, 3 and 4 to completeit.

In a press conference at the Santo Domingo State University(UASD), Peña said that a meeting would also take place for that purpose Thursdayafternoon.

"There’s an entire maneuver that threatens a truePact," Pena said, stating concern over the fundamental aspects for citizensthat he affirms aren’t being taken into account.

"We’re simply demanding that it be discussed and doneas agreed to reach a transparent agreement … they want to fry the electricpact and replace what has been discussed with 10 points which the governmentcalls priority," said Peña, who reiterated the need for a " true pact."

Among the social organizations in the talks for theelectricity pact also figure the national farmers collective ArticulationCampesina, Centro Bonó, Dominican Consumer Rights Foundation, Dominican EconomistsGuild and the National District Homemakers Committees Association.

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