Economy July 21, 2016 | 10:49 am

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Top deputy, dealers agree, new autos must nix ‘rolling scrap’

Santo Domingo.- Chamber of Deputies president Abel Martinezand the national auto dealers grouped in Anadive on Wednesday expressed supportto renew the country’s aging vehicle fleet, to rid the streets of the “rollingscrap.”

In remarks over an Op- Ed by Listin Diario, Martinez saidhe agrees with the proposal and concern, for which Congress must legislate to eliminatethe high number of “junkers” on the roads.

Listin Diario proposes that importers, for each vehicle theybring, acquire one junker to scrap it.


For his part, Anadive says the country cannot talk about modernizingor limiting the age of models without renewing the vehicle fleet.

It said Internal Tax Agency studies show that 80% of the country’svehicles are over 20 years old, exceeding their life expectancy.

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