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Medina says Brazil woes halt major dam project

Neyba, Dominican Republic.- President Danilo Medina on Thursdaysaid funding for the dam at Monte Grande (west) has been approved, but awaits disbursementsfrom the Brazilian government through that country’s Eximbank.

He said Brazil’s current problems are behind the delay in disbursement."I have always said that for me Monte Grande is essential because it’spart of the transformation of this entire area.

He stressed that everything the government does is to improvethe lives of people, the income of the people, "and Monte Grande isessential for you."

Medina called the Monte Grande dam the south region’s masterpiece,especially Bahoruco and Barahona. "We’re awaiting for that. Many thingswill be done, to the extent the budget allows. God made the world in sevendays. Everything will be done step by step, gradually.”

Medina spoke in Neyba where he headed ribbon cutting forseven housing projects built throughout four southern provinces.

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