Economy July 29, 2016 | 1:17 pm

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American Chamber: All hands on deck to make a Dominican digital republic

Santo Domingo.- American Chamber of Commerce vice presidentDavid Fernández on Friday said to achieve Dominican Republic’s digitaltransformation requires joint efforts with the government agencies to promote theconstruction of needed structures and develop public policies to digitize, by usingWeb-based innovative products and services.

He said the private sector should invest and have an openmind to create, and academic entities in human talent able to innovate and stayabreast of the globalized world.

"We are aware of the needs we have as a country toachieve the digital development that we want, we need to unify the will of allto carry out and for Dominican Republic to ride the train in the digital economy,"Fernández said, speaking to open the seminar "The Digital Transformationof the Dominican Republic: an academic-private-public effort," hosted bythe American Chamber of Commerce ICT Committee.

He said he’s aware of the government’s efforts to make the DigitalRepublic a reality, as a program for education, which creates jobs, andfacilitates knowledge, among other opportunities.

American Chamber of Commerce ICT Committee president WaleskaMaria Alvarez introduced the panelists, including Diego Molano, Juan LuisLozada, Ligia Amada Melo, Dr. Rolando Guzman, Fauntly Garrido, Jose Mármol, ZoraimaCuello, Mirna Eusebio, Jorge Iván Ramírez, Manuel Tavares Sánchez, IgnacioMéndez and Rosario Sang.

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