Economy August 2, 2016 | 11:14 am

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US-Mexico experience can be ‘replicated’ at Dominican-Haiti border

Dajabón, Dominican Republic.- The Texas A & MInternational University (TAMIU) Global Initiatives vice chancellor visited theCODEVI textile park in Ouanaminthe (Haiti northeast) as part of an agendadeveloped jointly by the US Embassy and the Quisqueya Binational EconomicCouncil (CEBQ).

Maria Calderon’s visit aims to present good businesspractices and public policies in the various forums, carried out along the UnitedStates-Mexico border, site of the Northern Hemisphere’s first land port.

During the tour attended by US Embassy officials, and executivesof the CEBQ and M-CODEVI Group, Calderon stressed the importance of privateinvestment to improve development.

"On the United States and Mexico border, it was theprivate sector which motivated the biggest change, because the politicalcapitals of both countries are too far from the border. I think that the samecan be replicated in the Dominican-Haitian border," Clderon said.

The expert added that education is the substantial part tostart the process. “The Young people have no prejudice and are the future. We’veseen it in Texas and I am convinced that the same results will be seen here.”

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