Economy August 3, 2016 | 3:10 pm

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We work to bolster Dominican Republic’s competitiveness: Industries

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Industries Association (AIRD) presidentCampos De Moya affirmed Wednesday thatthe entity has worked intensely to bolster the local industry’s competitiveness,jointly with the Administration and Congress.

He said the AIRD is starting a new period and continuesworking as an ally of the judicial and executive branches, to continue to make industrythe motor for national development.

De Moya, speaking to introduce the 10th edition ofthe magazine "Hecho on RD" (Made in DR), said it has showcased the domesticindustry’s best interests for five straight years and has focused on theconstruction sector.

Moreover, AIRD executive vice president Circe Almánzar saidthe Association has been consistent in stressing that economic growth, thecreation of formal and productive jobs, increased productivity and exports oftradable goods are, among other factors, key aspects contributing tosustainable economic development to which Dominicans aspire, for which constructionis the key.

She said the construction sector is precisely a segmentwhere those factors come together and also prompt a multiplier effect onrelated sectors, making the activity one of the main engines for any country’s economicgrowth.

Made in DR’s 10th edition focuses its main pageson an industrial tour of the various segments, where presidency chief of staff GustavoMontalvo, the mogul Jose Luis (Pepin) Corripio among others, address the constructionsubsector.

They present their vision of the construction subsector anddescriptions of the various segments that comprise it: steel, aggregates,cement manufacturing, plastics, electrical supplies, finishes and the chemicalindustry.

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