Economy August 9, 2016 | 10:03 am

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Four weather stations to help navigation in aerodromes

Santo Domingo- Airports Dept. director Marino Collante on Mondayannounced the acquisition of four weather stations to ensure navigation operationsfor all of the country’s aviation facilities.

He said the equipment will improve aviation safety in the variousairfields, which receive hundreds of non-commercial aviation tourists each year. "We’remaking investments in maintenance and purchase of equipment needed for betterand safer operation in these aerodromes, which is essential for the safety oftravelers."

The official said the basic weather stations "willallow to observe and record basic weather conditions, such as temperature, humidity,wind and rain conditions.”

The official said the stations will operate at the airfieldsin Constanza (central), Montecristi (NW), Cabo Rojo (SW) and Las Maravillas cavesnear San Pedro (east).

Collante said once the stations start operating theAirports Dept. staff can check weather conditions to improve navigation aroundthose aerodromes.

Oshkosh show

The official said his agency took part in the "EAAAirVenture 2016", an annual international aviation event held in Oshkosh,Wisconsin, organized by the Experimental Aviation Association of America.

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