Economy August 9, 2016 | 9:29 am

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Public Works: Corridors will ease the capital’s traffic chaos

Santo Domingo.- Starting Monday, August 22, Public Workswill establish eight corridors in the National District and Santo Domingoprovince to expedite traffic, install road signs and maintain and embellish them/

Public Works minister Gonzalo Castillo unveiled the pilotproject on Monday. He said the plan was designed together with the MetropolitanTransit Authority.

He said the initiative is based on studies of Greater SantoDomingo’s traffic problem, with shared responsibility by the ministries of Justiceand of Defense, City Hall and the National Police.

He said the corridors include major avenues, and whose goal is to improve traffic which ifachieved just by 10%, would save the country US$840 million per year.

Castillo said Santo Domingo’s beltway has kept 17,000vehicles out of the city’s central districts, despite that more autos arrive inthe country every day. “115 men will work in the vigilance, landscaping, safetyand maintenance of the new runners.”

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