Economy August 15, 2016 | 4:38 pm

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‘Unannounced’ rules halt freight, forwarders slam Customs

Santo Domingo.- The freight forwarders grouped in NODECA onMonday picketed the Customs Agency headquarters, claiming that the recent measuresare leaving hundreds of shipments and hundreds of containers stranded on thedocks, others en route to the Dominican Republic, and all those that have been received in theUnited States and Europe pending shipment.

The consolidators asked Customs director Fernando Fernándezto seek a solution to the deadlock which if continues would lead them tobankruptcy, wiping out the more than 125 companies in the sector and eliminatingthe door-to-door deliveries they affirm harms thousands of Dominicans.

ANODECA spokesman Francisco Delgado said Customs didn’t announceor properly planned the change of rules banning appliances and worn clothing,the Agriculture Ministry requirement of an import permit for sacks of rice andother foods, in addition to having to present invoices for all items receivedby Dominicans, all without taking into account the in-transit shipments in andthose in the country’s customs.

He said ANODECA regrets that in spite of their letters repeatedlysent to Customs officials have yet to receive any response so far, “especiallyin such a serious case for the sector, losing one million pesos daily and worsestill, exposing themselves to be sued by customers” for failing to delivertheir shipments because of Customs’ barriers.

Delgado said they are part of a transparent business, wherethey pay millions of pesos in taxes and comply with all American and Dominicanregulations, creating hundreds of jobs in Dominican territory.

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