Economy August 22, 2016 | 8:28 am

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Veteran politico warns against authoritarian ideas

Santo Domingo.- Democratic Choice party president MinouTavarez on Saturday warned that thepersons designated to the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and the CentralElectoral Board (JCE) shouldn’t be politically affiliated, and must behonorable, integral and democratic instead.

She said the Dominican Republic is experiencing “legalillusionism” because people they believe that a law immediately solves a problem,when it’s the political culture that needs to change first. “There’s been aweakness in the role of opposition parties because democracy is still veryweak.”

The former National District deputy also warned of “a powerfulauthoritarian project on foot,” which can only be confronted with a firmopposition.

Tavarez said a democratic system’s three basic elements areabsent in the country: separation of powers, independent judiciary and freeelections.

As an example, the veteran politico noted that the president’ssister is also president of the Chamber of Deputies.

She said although democracy isn’t possible withoutpolitical parties, those organizations are the ones called upon by the societyon where and how it wants to live.

"I believe in politics as a noble activity, which isnot only to seek votes, that is not only to gain power, but to transform societyand make it better," said Tavarez, Interviewed on Channel 16.

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