Economy September 2, 2016 | 10:59 am

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Gasoline and diesel prices up again

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry ofIndustry and Commerce announced Friday that the retail prices of gasoline and both types of diesel(gasoil) were being increased by RD$1.40 andRD$2.00. All other fuel prices will remain unchanged.

This follows last week’s price increases to gasoline anddiesel.

For the week of September 3rd-9th , premium gasoline will costRD$201.50 following an increase of RD$1.90. Regular will be sold for RD$186.00, an increaseof RD$2.00.

Optimum diesel will cost RD$155.10, an increase of RD$1.50, while regular will be on sale for RD$142.00, an increase of RD$1.40.

Avtur will cost RD$106.30, kerosene will be sold forRD$130.50 and FuelOil will cost RD$82.63, at the same levels as last week.

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) will cost RD$88.80. Natural Gas willcost RD$23.22 per m³, both also remaining at the same levels as last week.

Last Friday premium gasoline went up by RD$5.40and regular by RD$5.50, while diesel went up by RD$6.00 and regular by RD$6.30.

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