Economy September 6, 2016 | 7:53 am

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Dominican Republic must promote to reach US$20.0B exports goal

Santo Domingo.- The Industries Association (AIRD) on Mondayasked the Dominican Republic Export and Investment Center to strengthen the promotionand generate market intelligence, to increase the country’s exports and progresstoward the goal of reaching US$20.0 billion.

In a meeting with AIRD executives and CEI-RD director HenryMolina, the industrialists said the companies that decide to export face manyobstacles when trying to expand their activities in foreign markets.

"The most appropriate policy to face the difficultiesand to realize the potential shown by the Dominican industry is to have a clearand comprehensive strategy to promote exports," said AIRD president CamposDe Moya.

The industrial leaders thanked Molina for his willingness fordialogue, noting that regarding exports public-private coordination isessential.

AIRD analyses and international experiences indicate that,on average, every US$1.0 invested in those types of efforts can generate anincrease of US$40 in total export value for the investor country.

It said such data stress the importance for our country tostrengthen the supply of promotion and market intelligence generation fromgovernment agencies.

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