Economy September 7, 2016 | 8:23 am

Buy car in DR

Cable car construction advances, a boon for barrios

Santo Domingo.- Nearly all pillars for the cable car that willlink the sprawling barrio Gualey with the National District have already beenbuilt, as around 300 construction workers and technicians toil throughout theroute that will span the Ozama river.

The cable car will transport thousands of commuters perhour from around 20 neighborhoods, home to over 287,000 people, said architectJuan Millet, official of the project dubbed URBE.

Quoted by, the engineers Guarocuya Arzenoand Jhoel Isa said the project is being built under the supervision of Colombianand French technicians.

The URBE will count on 200 cabins of 20 people each andwill travel five kilometers in 20 minutes, and will connect with the EduardoBrito metro station in Gualey, with de Gaulle Av.

They added that once operational the Cable Car sill benefitresidents of neighborhoods who’ll save time and money, because with just one fare,they can also ride the Metro.

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