Economy September 15, 2016 | 8:37 am

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Falconbridge: New mining methods, hi-tech reduce environmental impact

Santo Domingo.- Falconbridge Dominicans on Wednesday said itsimplementation of modern mining methods and new technologies has "considerably"reduced the environmental impact from its processes to extract ferronickel in centralMonseñor Noel province.

"The new method of selective mining is much moreefficient than previously utilized in Bonao, reducing the need for excavations by60%," said company president Ioannis Moutafis.

He said the introduction of new technologies in theproduction process that have reduced fuel consumption by 18% per ton of nickelproduced, have also considerably reduced the impact on the environment.

“The nickel extracted from the Dominican subsoil isconsidered among the highest quality in the world, being used in themanufacture of electronic appliances, cookware and desalinatioin plants whichconvert seawater into drinking water.”

A boost for the local economy

After it acquired a majority stake in the mine in August2015, Americano Nickel (ANL) "has managed to reactivate operations andresume exports despite a challenging scenario in terms of global prices of thismetal," the miner said in a statement.

It said in just 12 months of operation, the new administrationhas created nearly a1,000 jobs, most of them in local communities as well as aninjection of more than RD$800 million to the local economy and an accumulatedinvestment of US$20M.

"We are very proud to have managed to resumeoperations and boost job creation. This would not have been possible withoutthe ability and willingness of the Dominican labor force, which is one of thebest in the world. Together we have achieved in one year what had not beenachieved long ago," the miner said

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