Economy September 16, 2016 | 8:45 am

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Central Bank: Business have 90 days to pull dollar-only cashiers

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Central Bank on Thursdayissued a 90-day deadline to remove the sales terminals operating (cashiers) inbusinesses across the country which receive payments only in foreign currency,mostly dollars.

In a Central Bank letter dated August 25 sent to operatorsof the businesses, Central Bank manager Erving Nova Bello warns and clarifiesthat the Dominican peso is the national currency.

"We’ve been following with concern the practice ofsome commercial, domestic and legally constituted foreign businesses which demandpayment of their goods or services only in foreign currency by installingterminals for the sole purpose of selling points in currencies other than theDominican peso,” the official said.

He said the devices to pay in foreign currencies can onlybe installed in businesses located in the country’s duty-free zones.

He said however that customers with bank cards issued inforeign currency can continue to use them normally. "The Dominican peso isthe official currency of Dominican Republic…to pay debts and obligations aswell as for the acquisition of goods and services, extends without exceptionthroughout the national territory without prejudice freedom of reference toother currencies.”

Various sectors have recently denounced a shortage ofdollars, which they affirm jeopardizes their normal business operations.

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