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Contractions galore over Dominican-Haiti trade ban

Santo Domingo.- Dominican and Haitian diplomats don’t seemto agree on whether the ban levied in 2013 on the overland entry of 23 Dominicanproducts has been lifted.

After a visit by Dominican Foreign minister Miguel Vargasto Haiti counterpart Pierrot Delienne in Haiti, the Foreign Ministry announced thatPort-au-Prince had agreed to lift the ban.

But on Thursday, Haiti ambassador Idalbert Jean Pierre in astatement acknowledged that the reports that have emerged are “a bit|”confusing, and need some "corrections."

"During the bilateral meeting, no agreement has takenplace in connection with the exercise of the interdiction of the 23 Dominicanproducts. The fact is that these products can enter the country (Haiti) by sea,respecting the customs norms and security codes as the Haiti Republic laws stipulate,"the diplomat said.

"The only prerequisite in normal trade transactionsbetween the two countries is the due payment of tariffs governing bothinternational trade and regional."

Business view

Also on Thursday. Dominican mogul Juan Bautista Vicini saidHaiti interim president Jocelerme Privert issued the order to lift the ban andCustoms of both countries should agree to develop a protocol which leads tocontrol contraband.

"It wasn’t immediate, but the two authorities will jointo define that," said Vicini, who formed part of the delegation that wentto Haiti August 30 when the protocol to lift the restriction was discussed.

Jut pay the tax

Dominican Exporters Association (Adoexpo) president Alvaro Sousasaid some companies have already been exporting to Haiti following Vargas’ announcement."I can tell you that people are timidly starting exports. Today we spoke talkeddirectly with the Haitian ambassador twice, and both times, he confirmed us thesame to us, that the requirement to cross the border for all Dominican productsis that they must pay their taxes."

Moreover Dominican ambassador in Haiti, Ruben Silié on Wednesdaysaid: "There’re no impediments to export Dominican products" toHaiti.

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