Economy September 23, 2016 | 9:23 am

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Envoy to US hails Dominican leader’s ‘hypocrisy’ tongue-lashing

Santo Domingo.- Dominican ambassador to the US Jose TomasPerez on Thursday acknowledge that Dominican Republic isn’t prepared to open up its agricultural market, especially whenrich countries still subsidize their farm production overtly or covertly. Medinaslammed the practice as “hypocrisy” of rich nations in detriment of developingcountries.

"Liberalizing the market will represent the massivebankruptcy of Dominican Republics’ interior. That’s the great message expressedin president Medina’s formidable speech before the UN," the diplomat said.

Pérez also stressed the "strength of worldleadership" attributed to Medina, whom pollster Consulta Mitofsky rates theDominican leader the best president in the Americas with a 83% approval rating.

Quoted by, the diplomat lauded Medina’s speechat the UN General Assembly where he called for an urgent humanization of theeconomies, with fair treatment to farmers and stronger fiscal sovereignty of theState.

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