Economy September 26, 2016 | 9:38 am

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Living in the Dominican capital got 29.3% costlier

Santo Domingo.- Living in the Greater Santo Domingo is 29.30%costlier on average than the Cibao region (north), according to the CentralBank’s latest estimate on cost of running a household nationwide based onmeasurement by geographic area.

It also shows that compared with the East and Southregions, the average cost of household expenses are 49.34% higher than in the NationalDistrict and 64.77% higher in Santo Domingo province.

In Greater Santo Domingo, including the Ozama river region,the cost in August was RD$35,340.70 per month, whereas the Cibao region was RD$27,332.12;east was RD$23,664.17 and the south RD$21,447.85.

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