Economy September 27, 2016 | 1:22 pm

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Govt.: 4.6M tourists visit Dominican Republic to August

Santo Domingo.- From January to August 4.6 million touristscame to the Dominican Republic, while the Tourism Ministry projects the figurewill reach around 6.0 million visitors by yearend 2016.

In a statement Tourism deputy minister Fausto Fernandez stressedthe tourism sector’s importance to economic growth over the last four years, withrevenue of US$24.0 billion, or US$6.0 billion per year.

After a mass in Santo Domingo’s Cathedral to mark WorldTourism Day today Tuesday, the official said in the last four years tourism hascontinued a growth rate surpassing 9% under president Danilo Medina’s administration.

Also according to Tourism Ministry projections, the countrywill be receiving 10.0 million tourists by 2022, as Medina has predicted.

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