Economy September 29, 2016 | 4:00 pm

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Haiti, Dominican officials’ meeting heralds stronger trade ties

Santo Domingo.- The foreign ministers of the DominicanRepublic, Miguel Vargas and of Haiti, and Pierrot Delienne, on Thursday announceda meeting of the Joint Bilateral Commission set for October 19, when topics pendingsince the last meeting in Port au Prince will be addressed.

They said technical staffs will advance proposals that the governmentscan mutually accepted.

The officials, who held their third meeting since Vargaswas named to the post August 16, said both governments recognize the importanceof regulating immigrants, for which the Haitian government pledged to issue 112,000passports to its nationals in the Dominican Republic.

In that regard, Vargas said Dominican Republic adheres to thefundamental principles and values ??of human rights and international law on repatriationsof Haitian citizens, noting that both governments understand that traderelations should not be interrupted.

Delienne reiteratedthat Dominican exports which comply with customs requirements can be importedby any means into Haiti

Haiti election

The foreign ministers assessed the importance of Haiti’selections set for October 9 and are expected to occur in peace and with a wide participation.

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