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Groups take Govt. to court over coal plants

Santo Domingo.- Twoenvironmental groups and social and southern Peravia province communityorganizations and from other towns on Monday morning said they expect the SuperiorAdministrative Court to protect the people of Catalina, Paya and the city ofBani, from the pollution once the two coal–fired power plants start operations.

The National ClimateChange Combat Committee (UNFCCC) and the Environment Protection Attorneys Institute(INSAPROMA) said they filed for an injunction for preventive environmentalprotection based on Article 66 of the Constitution, which stipulates the population´sright to health and a healthy environment, “threatened by the heavy pollution whichthese plants produce.”

"It´s the judges´ dutyto protect the inhabitants of the communities near coal plants from the effectsof 174,000 tons of ash and 14,000 tons of slag per year produced by theseplants as waste from burning coal; 30 tons of nitrogen dioxide and 30 tons ofsulfur dioxide each day to be spewed into the atmosphere, and numerous heavymetal micro-particles," the organizations said in a statement.

They said the toxicsubstances in the area will lead to a health and environmental disaster,causing respiratory diseases, especially in children and the elderly,cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and lung cancers and skin diseases, and severedamage to the region´s agriculture.

They said theenvironmental and health disaster would double with the installation of a thirdplant, which was “authorized by a secret agreement signed by the governmentwith the company Pinegy Commercial Group, SRL,” a recent revelation whichbecame another government scandal.

If built, the third plant would’vegenerated 600 megawatts, according to independent deputy Minou Tavárez Mirabaland opposition ADP party president Max Puig.

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