Economy October 1, 2016 | 10:30 am

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Business leaders push to manage north coast’s only deep-water port

Santiago.- Although the Government has rescinded theagreement to hand over management of Manzanillo port in Montecristi province(northwest), business leaders and local investors still push to take over itsoperations.

Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Production president JuanManuel Ureña on Wednesday said the business the sector considers DominicanRepublic’s only deep-water port in the north coast a high priority, and one ofthe five key points he affirms will improve the economic and social aspects ofthe country’s productive activities.

In his speech to open Expo-Cibao 2016 titled "Acountry of sustainable businesses," Ureña stressed Manzanillo port amongthe issues considered urgent. "This is an initiative that cannot wait.”

"We advocate regional development but with a strategic,global and panoramic vision of our country. In that sense, we promote theprivate sector’s competitiveness that the region requires, for which an effective,modern cargo port on the north coast is imperative, according to global needs.The port of Manzanillo, would fill this function fully.”

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