Economy October 10, 2016 | 9:13 am

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Dominican Rep., Caribbean tourism leader again: Study

Santo Domingo.- Tourism in the Caribbean hasone leader; Dominican Republic, as confirmed by the latest study by the US firm"Resonance Consultancy" which placed it as the top tourist destination.

The study "Caribbean Tourism 2016 QualityIndex" measured the performance and competitive tourism offer in 28destinations throughout the Caribbean, focused on absolute and indexed scales.

Within the absolute scale it took intoaccount the total quality experiences, while the indexed scale evaluated theperformance as to how many quality experiences provided by the visitor, or the numberof quality experiences for every 100,000 visitors.

Dominican Republic took first place in theoverall classification, in entertainment, connectivity with other countries andaccommodation. It took second place in sports and adventures, food, anddomestic tourism.

Security: negative

The study however says security needs to bestrengthened, since the country ranks 20, according to the UN’s homicide rateper 100,000 population.


Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the USVirgin Islands are three of the top four finishers in entertainmentdestinations. The "big three" as the study notes offer a variety ofentertainment to please adults and children as well.

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