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Dominican Republic exploits its beaches but ignores its waters

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republiccapitalizes on its shores by attracting nearly six million tourists a year whowant to enjoy sunny beaches and ideal climate, though still unaware of thehidden potential in its territorial waters or its exclusive economic zone.

National Maritime Affairs Authority (Anamar) presidentPascual Prota said the economic potential of Dominican Republic´s marine mantlecan hasten the growth of its GDP.

"The economic potential still isn’t known.Now, you must understand that this is a dilemma facing the whole world. Manknows more about outer space than over the oceans and specifically our countryneeds leaders who think long term and look to the sea, because we already havemany looking inland," said Prota, quoted by

Anamar, an agency with 28 employees and anannual budget of just RD$60 million, has participated and compiled data fromtwo Dominican Navy expeditions and international entities, which gradually expandsthe country’s knowledge about its marine confines, with potential gold, nickeland other mineral deposits.

"It’s been shown that the chances arehigh that the same resources available inland are also available at sea. Ofcourse, it should be noted that perhaps their exploitation isn’t profitableyet, but the potential of our oceanic area won’t be known until you explore it,"the official said.

"With international assistance we havetwo buoys, one in Samana and another next to the Port of Caucedo, installed inorder to measure temperature and other variables. In addition, we are trainingthe right people," Prota said.

The expert described the defined maritimeborders: one with Venezuela and Colombia, those pending with Haiti and PuertoRico to the south, and with Turks & Caicos in the north.


Former deputy Pelegrin Castillo fought toobtain the status of Archipelago State for the Dominican Republic, but the billwas shelved by Congress.

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