Economy October 21, 2016 | 12:03 pm

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‘Monopoly’ seeks to corner Egg market, producers say

Moca, Dominican Republic.- National EggProducers Association (ASOHUEVOS) president Manuel Escaño on Friday denouncedan alleged plot to corner the egg production market, calling it an attackagainst hundreds of small and medium poultry farms .

He said the alleged monopoly hurts consumers byleaving the staple in a few hands and opens the door to price gougers.

Escaño said in recent months, medium andsmall egg producers have found it difficult to acquire laying chickens, themain raw material to produce eggs. "Only 10 companies produce these layersin the country, most of them are major egg producers, which first supply theirown increasingly larger facilities, and if they have any to spare, deliver themto small farmers."

"Obviously it’s an unfair system ofdistribution that has the sole purpose of monopolizing production, takinghundreds of small producers out of circulation."


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