Economy October 24, 2016 | 10:00 am

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Dominican power companies hail push to halt fuel trafficking

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’ power companiesassociation (ADIE) on Friday said it agrees with the Government’s measuresagainst the trafficking of fuels and for transparent operations within thenational fuel market.

ADIE executive vice president Milton Morrisonsaid the fuel used by association member power companies is strictly intended togenerate electricity. "To produce energy we use natural gas and coal,which are not traded in the local market, and fuel oil # 6 or bunker C, whichare not used in vehicles or other activity other than generating electricity."

He said the tax exempt-fuel for generation isa Government measure to prevent the transfer of costs to customers. "Thisdecision corresponds only to the government."

He also noted that energy industries don’tbenefit from the ITBIS tax breaks. "The electricity generating companiespay pay ITBIS when buying goods and services, but isn’t transferred."

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