Economy October 24, 2016 | 3:47 pm

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Gov. reveals 6 areas with petroleum ‘potential’

Santo Domingo.-Energy and Mines minister Antonio IsaConde on Monday revealed six geological areas of the country, identified withleading edge software, as starting points for a thorough search for potential fossilfuel deposits.

In an activity to publicize the results of seismic2D analysis based on the Petroleum Modeling System conducted in some areas ofthe Dominican Republic, Isa said it´s the government´s interest "that scientists,environmentalists, businesses, investors and civil society maximize the studies."

He stressed that the shared information makesit possible to open a debate on what’s the potential hydrocarbons and what thecountry should do with the wealth that might exist in its subsurface.

"The areas ofgreatest potential belong to the basins of Enriquillo, Azua, San Juan, Ocoa,San Pedro and the Eastern Cibao, where there are faults and structures thatcould act as traps to retain hydrocarbons but still require further study toreach definitive conclusions."

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