Economy October 25, 2016 | 9:44 am

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Top official, American Chamber mull DR-CAFTA trade deal

Santo Domingo.- The heads of the AmericanChamber of Commerce -AMCHAMDR- on Monday met with Industry and Commerce ministerTemistocles Montas to discuss various topics including the DR-CAFTA trade deal.

The AMCHAMDR said it aims to keep apprised fthe progress on trade policy, whereas Montas listed the steps taken to developand assess the trade agreement’s impact on the conomy’s various sectors.

In an emailed statement, the AMCHAMDR stressedits willingness to assist Industry and Commerce in any inquiry. "Duringthe meeting they discussed the issue of Labeling and Sanitary Registry. Thetalks in this regard gave birth to some suggestions that the ministerconsidered of interest and decided to share them with other government agenciesfor consideration."

AMCHAMDR said on the topic of the transportand hydrocarbons sectros. "theparties have very aligned positions when it comes to expectations and criteria toenable the sector to evolve their competitiveness, institutional and adherenceto best regional practices."

AMCHAMDR board chairman Gustavo Tavares, executivevice president William Malamud, past chairman Maximo Vidal, among otherexecutives.

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