Economy November 10, 2016 | 9:57 am

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Big business says time’s ripe to zap transport chaos

Santo Domingo.- National Business Council (CONEP)vice president Rafael Paz on Wednesday called the appeal filed before the SuperiorArbitration Court for, a legal tool with unprecedented support to legallyreform transport.

He said that’s because light has been shed onthe chaos in freight and passenger transport which in his view is a nationalissue.

Paz denounced that while the owners of truckswhich haul freight don’t pay taxes or social security for their workers, they exploitdrivers with workdays of more than 16 hours, and have to pay the owners of therigs with their labor.

"They are companies that have coveredthemselves under the guise of unions to sidestep market rules, which has turnedthem into a force that hinders institutionalism."

He criticized the "permissiveness"which in his view has allowed those groups to seize entire sectors and subject commutersto continued insecurity and abuse.

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