Economy November 18, 2016 | 9:20 am

Medina cuts ribbon on another mall in booming district

Santo Domingo.- Greater Santo Domingo residents have a newentertainment option as of Thursday, when president Danilo Medina headedribbon-cutting for Downtown Center mall in the upscale sector Bella Vista.

The plaza is operated by the group CaribbeanCinemas, whose stakeholders stressed investor confidence in the country’s economicgrowth.


Group president Robert Carrady stressedCaribbean Cinema’s commitment to create jobs for the Dominican Republic andwager on Bella Vista due to its geographical location and the area’s economic boom.

He added that the croup has had operations inthe Dominican Republic during the last 40 years.


Bella Vista’s construction boom is evidencedby its numerous supermarkets and four major malls; Plaza Lama, Unidos, BellaVista Mall, and now Downtown Center.

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