Economy November 22, 2016 | 9:14 am

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No damage tally yet but agro chief says don’t worry about shortages

Santo Domingo.- Despite the lack of officialfigures on damages from the sustained rains and flooding in the agro sector, Agricultureminister Ángel Estévez on Monday said the most affected crops were plantains, bananas, cassava, rice,corn and vegetables.

Interviewed by by phone, theminister said they’ve yet to compile accurate data on the losses and prefers towait to conclude the inspection tours of the areas affected by the rains mostlyover the northern part of the country since last week .

The official said the population won’t besubjected to shortages of products despite the damage to agriculture, since themarket has a good supply of affected items.

Estevez added that government agencies shouldget ready to respond to producers who’ve sustained losses and pledged toprovide the necessary aid including fertilizer, tilling, seeds and loans.

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