Economy November 30, 2016 | 5:27 pm

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Dominican envoy expects ‘good’ ties with a Trump White House

Washington. – The new United Statesadministration headed by president Donald Trump heralds "good" tiesbetween Washington and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ambassador Jose TomásPérez affirmed Wednesday.

According to the Dominican diplomat,relations between the two countries in economic, political and cultural affairshave strengthened over time "and no change of government can cause anyvariation."

The Trump administration that will takeoffice on January 20 not only raises expectations among the people of theUnited States, but the rest of the world, given the incendiary rhetoric duringhis election campaign, especially on immigration, economic and political policy.

"The Dominican Republic, regardless ofwho’s governing, has important agreements with the United States, such as FreeTrade, which depends fundamentally on the laws of both Congresses and that don’tdepend on the will of a President," said Perez, interviewed by

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