Economy December 14, 2016 | 3:29 pm

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Deputies approve124.4M euros for Metro as opposition walks

Santo Domingo.- The Chamber of Deputies onWednesday approved two lines of credits totaling more than 74 million euros anda commercial contract for nearly US$50 million in European currency to finishthe extension of the Santo Domingo Metro Line 2.

The contracts signed by the Dominican Statewith three banks and already approved in the Senate total 124.4 million euros.

The first approved was the US$42.0 million lineof credit from Banco Santander, for the Santo Domingo Metro, followed by a US$32.5million line of credit from Alstom also for the Metro, with BancoSantander acting as agent.

Chamber finance commission chairman RamónCabrera said the 42 million euros line of credit is tofinance the commercial contract.


The deputies of the opposition PRM party abandonedthe session., expressing, "our disagreement with the constant loans whichthe Government has submitted."

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