Economy April 3, 2017 | 1:26 pm

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Customs invoice requirement for couriers takes effect today

Don't forget the invoice.

Santo Domingo.-  The Customs Agency’s measure to control goods arriving in the country through couriers is in effect starting today Monday, and customers are being advised that they must produce their merchandise’s invoice so it can reach their final destination.

Most of those companies are alerting their customers that starting today Monday, April 3, they won’t ship items that don’t have their invoices included, to avert confiscation at Customs.

Outlet reports that couriers have yet to respond, their employees in Las Américas Airport say the measure was appropriate because it would serve to verify the cost of the items and imports would be more transparent.

They said that customers should visit their courier’s website to obtain information and avoid delays, and ask that they send their invoices online in PDF or Word.

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