Economy May 23, 2017 | 7:42 pm

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US to cut Dominican Republic’s aid from US$10.5M to US$21.6M

Washington.-  US president Donald Trump’s first budget proposal includes a substantial cut in foreign aid to Latin America, reduced to all countries on the continent, a change that could be especially noticeable in Mexico and Central America.

The US Congress must approve budget presented today, but could change – allocates US$37.6 billion to the State Department, of which US$1.09 billion goes to operations in the Americas and the Caribbean, or US$614 million less compared to fiscal year 2016.

The country-by-country breakdown of that budget for fiscal year 2018 shows cuts for all nations in the region, and eliminates the funds for Cuba, which received US$20 million in fiscal year 2016; And to Venezuela, which obtained US$6.5 million that year and has no specific funds this time.

In Dominican Republic’s case, the cut will bring it to US$10.5 million, compared with US$21.6 million in 2016.

However, funds for each country should be added to the amounts set aside for programs for security, democracy, the fight against drug trafficking or immigration, which have joint accounts for the enire continent and allocate funds as deemed necessary.


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