Economy July 19, 2017 | 12:11 pm

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Airport inspections for electronic devices on US flights start today

Santo Domingo.- Passengers traveling to the United States with electronic devices will have to get to the airport earlier if they have devices to inspect as of today and not risk losing their flight.

Airport Security (Cesac) director Aracenis Castillo made the warning Tuesday, who said the new system of random checks required by the US Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) that will be put into effect today aims to inspect electronic devices that travelers carry.

He noted that although people will not be stripped of items such as computers, tablets, cell phones and other devices, they will not be able to board their flights until they are inspected.

Castillo said it’s a random system which won’t be applied to all passengers, but inspectors will randomly choose one or two out of every 10.

The procedure, which goes into effect as of today, will cover American Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue, Continental, United Airlines and Spirit, which make daily flights to US and Dominican airports.

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