Economy August 8, 2017 | 2:31 pm

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Customs regulates Web-bought imported goods for resale

Santo Domingo.- The Customs Agency is drafting a regulation on imported goods via the Web for commercial purposes through courier companies.

The draft published on its website as part of a public consultation, states that “companies of persons who through courier companies import goods classified within category “B”(valued below US$200 and without tariff restriction) defined in Executive Order 402-05, will be considered suppliers and, consequently, will be obliged to pay duties and taxes of their imports, in the following cases”:

  1. A) When importing goods that, as a whole, don’t exceed US$200.00, but which may be determined by Customs to have a commercial purpose.
  2. B) When the type of merchandise imported, as well as the time from shipment and another one allows Customs to determine that they have a commercial purpose.
  3. C) When the presence of identical, similar, complementary or substitute goods is detected in a procedure or a set of procedures, which in their totality exceed the amount of US$200, imported through a consignee.
  4. D) When the imported merchandise has a noticeable relationship with the commercial activity of the company or person, whose consignment appears in the shipping documents.
  5. E) When the company or person incurs any type of fractionation.

Merchandise included

The goods listed in Executive order 402-05 in category “B” are: materials for mass distribution in commercial quantities, such as some types of literature, printed documents, newspapers and magazines enveloped or labeled at source.

Also duty-free and tax-exempt low-value consignments, among others.

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