Economy September 18, 2017 | 3:52 pm

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Trinidad & Tobago eyes strong business ties with Dominicans

J. Serulle, F.Seignoret

Santo Domingo.- Trinidad & Tobago deputy minister for Trade and Industry, France Seignoret, on Sunday stated her country’s interest in wider ties on trade, business and collaboration in Dominican Republic’s other areas development.

At the end of her visit to the country, leading the commercial and business mission, the official met with her Dominican counterparts, and thanked Dominican authorities welcoming the mission, both in Santo Domingo and Santiago.

Seignoret stressed the levels of coordination reached with the Dominican Embassy in Trinidad & Tobago and the direct participation by Santo Domingo’s envoy, Dr. José Serulle.  “This mission has opened many doors, and the prospects are broad and beneficial for both nations.”

She also thanked the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic, the Industry and Commerce Ministry, the Santiago Merchants and Industries Association (ACIS), the Santiago Free Trade Zone Corp., the Export and Investment Center, and Dominican Embassy officials in her country, “for the work they developed to make everything a success.”

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