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Dominican Govt. wins US$52.0 lawsuit against Sun Land Corp.

F. D. Espinal. (c)

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican government on Wed. said it won a lawsuit against the companies Sun Land and Architectural Engineering 21st Century, which had sued the country alleging breach of contract in an agro project in Azua south).

The two companies, contracted to build the Azua II Agricultural Development Project, had obtained a court win in 2013, ordering the country and the dams and canals agency (INDRHI) to pay US$52.0 million in damages.

“The Dominican State and INDRHI decided to appeal this sentence by first obtaining their annulment and then holding a new trial that culminated in the sentence issued last Saturday. This ruling completely exonerated the Dominican State, as well as INDRHI regarding Sun Land’s claims,” said Presidency legal adviser Flavio Dario Espinal in a National Palace press conference.

However in the same ruling handed down by the South Florida Federal Court, the claim by Architectural Engineering is reduced from 16 million dollars 576,842 dollars.

Espinal was accompanied by the lawyers Jorge Guerrero and Eduardo Ramos of the law firm Holland & Knight, who represented the State.

The Azua II project is a chain of lagoons to irrigate agricultural zones in the province of the same name.

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