Economy December 18, 2017 | 1:45 pm

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Dominican economy gives big business good vibes

Pedro Brache, Chamber of Deputies president Ruben Maldonado

Santo Domingo.- National Business Council (Conep) president Pedro Brache is optimistic on Dominican Republic’s economic expectations, and affirms that the country will fulfill many of its pending goals.

“We think that the year is going to end well, it’s looking for the goal that was sought of a 5% of GDP growth and in economic terms we believe that next year will be a good year, that that growth will continue, a growth that can hover around 5%, that’s to say that we are optimistic that in 2018 we will accomplish many goals,” said the business leader, quoted by Diario Libre.

He said many challenges will also have to be faced, but sees them as opportunities. “We have to continue working on transparency, on legal security, we have to define some pending legislation such as the electoral and parties law and I believe that if we manage to frame some of these things and finish them, the country will come out strengthened in many aspects,” he said.

Brache said such a law can improve Dominican Republic’s economy and its system of political parties, which in turn can also instill the always-important confidence factor. “Trust is an economic system’s most important ingredient, then there’s confidence among all businessmen and investors, because they feel they can risk and can invest, that’s the primordial element for action.”

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