Economy February 19, 2018 | 7:57 pm

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Industries: Govt., private sector must make ‘Year of Exports’ a reality

Santo Domingo.- Haina Industries and South Region Companies Association president Bredyg Disla on Mon. said the Government and the private sector should give meaning to the ‘Year of Exports’ declared by executive order, with concrete actions that mark the start of a coherent, timely and sustainable export policy.

She said a good start would be to adopt official decisions such as to tax production at the end of the process and not at the beginning, “which means to restitute authority to Pro Indusria, interrupted when the 50% advance payment to Customs of the ITBIS it was decided for raw materials and capital goods used by industries.

She also sees a priority to start enacting the lines of action listed and agreed upon in the Presidency’s Exports Promotion Table (MPFE), formed by public and private sector entities and which has been working on actions and activities to re-launch Dominican Republic’s foreign trade with a platform of objectives.

“We call for maintaining joint efforts, because the country cannot be a relevant exporter if the public and private sectors don’t march in harmony for the same purpose,” Disla said in a statement.

She praised the recent meeting by the Industry and Commerce Ministry, the Export and Investment Center, the National Free Zones Council and the National Competitiveness Council, held to select the milestones corresponding to 2018 that they’ll deliver to president Danilo Medina to boost exports.

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