Economy March 6, 2018 | 1:38 pm

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Uber fares rise on pricier fuel

Santo Domingo.- Uber in the Dominican Republic on Mon. said it will raise its fares in the three cities where it operates starting today, Tuesday, citing an “increase in the price of gas” as well as” various factors that have impacted the economy.”

In its blog the company said the UberX base rate is increased to RD$35.00, while the per-minute rate increases from three pesos to four pesos; it rises to 10 pesos per kilometer; and the minimum rate of RD$75 pesos to RD$85.

In UberXL the base rate goes to 40 pesos, while per minute it is RD$7.90; per kilometer to 18 pesos and the minimum to RD$120.

The rate for long-distance travel will increase. At UberX, the additional kilometer will be charged at eight pesos from the 16th kilometer and at UberXL, will increase to 10 pesos from the 20th kilometer.

Uber currently operates in Greater Santo Domingo, Santiago, and La Altagracia province.

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