Economy April 11, 2018 | 1:41 pm

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‘Tax Amnesty’ bill for moonlighters gathers steam


Santo Domingo.- Major opposition party (PRM) deputy Faride Raful, on Tues. submitted to the lower Chamber a bill leading to a “Tax Amnesty” to those who owe income tax, amid a push by Internal Taxes (DGII) to collect alleged arrears.

The bill proposes, amid a national debate that has emerged over concerns by people who have more than one job, to obtain a  tax pardon for taxpayers who’ve failed to fill out, sign and submit Form IR-10.

The bill warns against an “unmanageable burden” resulting from enforcement of the Income Tax Application Regulation, “for taxpayers who are salaried and the great majority are middle or working class who didn’t know that they had that formal duty before the tax authority.”

Raful’s proposal stipulates a 180-day period for taxpayers who seek to qualify for the “Income Tax Amnesty” after the regulation takes effect, if approved by Congress.

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