Economy July 9, 2018 | 12:47 pm

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Govt. announces RD$345.0M in agro projects along Haiti border

Jimani, Dominican Republic.- Agriculture minister Osmar Benítez on Sun. said the Government will spend RD$345.0 million to plant nearly 900 hectares in agro projects along the Haiti border from Montecristi to Pedernales.

He made the announcement in a meeting with farmers in Boca de Cachón. “It is in this project where we will start with the planting of 880 hectares that are viable in the zone.”

The project to benefit 223 small farmers of Boca de Cachón and Jimaní includes planting of dragon fruit, watermelon, squash, corn, among others, as well as improving the irrigation structure and technical assistance.

He said the Cerro Colorado project will be turned over to the farmers and the government   will finance the first crop and continue with credits from the Special Agricultural Development Fund (FEDA) at a rate of 5%.

“The Government has provided the attention of the people of the border to dignify the small farmer improving their quality of life, that jobs can be created and that farmers can earn money by giving a boost to production and above all revalue the border area of ​​the country,” said Benítez.

The official toured several agro projects at El Limón and Jimaní and then held a meeting in Duverge.

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