Economy July 11, 2018 | 2:48 pm

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Downpours a boon and a blessing for Dominican agro

Santo Domingo.-  The heavy rains over Dominican territory since Mon. have been a boon and a blessing for the agro sector, countering any signs of drought in many parts of the country, benefitting livestock as well as rice and corn and other crops.

Only western San Juan de la Maguana province hasn’t reported significant rains, although farmers expect an increase.

“Here in San Juan) it started to rain at 6am (Tuesday, it was not strong, it was showers. It rained minimally, not significant,” said agro producer Manuel Matos, as quoted by local media.

For rice growers the rains caused by the tropical wave were “miraculous.”

“At the moment nothing has happened that is not favorable for the cultivation of rice and agriculture in general,” said José Mauricio president of the rice growers grouped in Fenarroz.


According to reports from various areas across the country, the greenhouse sector wasn’t affected, “in fact, they informed me that these rains were needed,” said Manolo Estévez, an Agriculture Ministry official, quoted by Diario Libre.

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