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Foreigners face Aug. 26 deadline to renew legal status

Santo Domingo.- As of Monday, 200,00 people had taken advantage of the extension of the one-year term granted to foreigners by the National Migration Council, as Law 169-14 stipulates to renew their documents and live in the country legally.

Hundreds of foreigners formed long lines to request or retrieve the document at the Immigration Agency, as the deadline expires next Sunday.

Renewal coordinator Ivanca Rivas said they’ll work Saturday and Sunday to comply with the resolution that set Aug. the deadline for the process.

She outlined the two-part process: on the one hand they receive the documents from the foreigners for renewal, while on the other hand the delivery of the renewed permits or those that changed their immigration status.

She stressed that the application process for renewal or change of status ends next Sunday 26, but the delivery process continues for those who submitted their documents until that day.

Quoted by Hoy, the official notes that the authorities have 45 days to evaluate the file to determine if the foreigner who made the request qualified to renew or obtain a higher category.

“Therefore, Rivas said, if we receive the documents from a foreigner on the 26th, it is logical that he will not be able to deliver on that date, since it has to be evaluated, validate the documentation, see the category for which he qualifies and then print the card and give it to him.”

“All the foreigners who are there on a line are because they are regularly in the country and form part of the National Plan to Regularize Foreigners, there’s not a single new one.”

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