Economy October 11, 2018 | 9:00 am

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The country needs 60 more dams urgently, official says

Santo Domingo.- The country has a water potential of 26.0 billion cubic meters per year, or little more than double the population’s total demand.

The surplus however isn’t fully exploited for lack of storage infrastructure.

Currently, there are 34 dams which can store 2.3 billion cubic meters on the rivers Yaque de Norte (15 dams), Yuna Camú (8), Yaque del Sur (6) and in Ozama – Nizao (5), according to a study published by the dams and canals agency (Indrhi).

“The country needs to build 60 additional dams to take advantage of the remaining resource,” said Indrhi director Olgo Fernández.

He said more reservoirs are required especially in the east and the Atlantic coast.

The official told El Dia that the construction of nine large dams and 52 smaller ones is urgent. “These dams are essential for the human supply, irrigation and the electricity production of the country, as well as in the prevention of floods.”

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